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Hustle Humbly Podcast

Apr 18, 2022

What better topic for tax day than digging in and talking about money?! Sarah Becker from the “Becker Talks Money” podcast joins us to help remove the stigma and confusion around talking about money. As entrepreneurs in a career with so much uncertainty, financial planning can be very scary. We tackle entry level retirement investing and talk about what it really means to diversify. Sarah shares with us keys to budget planning when you aren’t quite sure when your next paycheck will show up. Historically women have shied away from talking about and taking control of their financial life and Sarah is breaking down those walls for us. As with so many of our topics the underlying problem when it comes to finances is usually mindset and education. Come listen in on a great conversation about taking charge of your finances and your life. Find Sarah Becker on social media @beckertalksmoney and @sarahbeckerphoto. 

About Sarah: After 10 years as a wedding photographer, real estate investor and small business owner, Sarah Becker kept hearing the same story from her friends over and over again. While outwardly successful in their businesses, they were utterly failing in their financial goals - if they even had financial goals. So, she started asking every business woman she knew about their money. Along the way, she learned that only 2% of the female entrepreneurs in her network were happy with the state of their finances. Sarah believes that money doesn’t have to be scary, that curiosity is more important than correctness and that everyone can become an expert of their own money with a little help. When she’s not crunching numbers, you can find her renovating a river cabin with her partner Barry, taking her dachshund Gus for a long morning walk, and planning to have Asian food for dinner (again).

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